chicken sando | the nomad, nyc

roast chicken sandwich the nomad restaurant nycRoast chicken sandwich at The NoMad Restaurant

After a super fun (and super late!) night out with T, Mia and my favorite east coast cousins, Christine, Ed & Tony, all I wanted to do was stay in my PJs all day, but I managed to roll outta bed and book it to The NoMad for Christina’s bday brunch with my school buds, Shishido, Jane & Nancy.  I was still full from the 4am round of Ktown jjajangmyeon and tangsooyuk, yet I couldn’t resist ordering the most decadent item on the menu, a roast chicken sando on brioche with black truffle and foie gras, which I washed down with a restorative “Caesar” Bloody Mary (tomato, shellfish, lemon, horseradish).  A haute hoagie and hang time with some friends I hadn’t seen in a while… it was a good brunch.

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