tasting menu | torrisi italian specialties, nyc

warm mozzarella davero olive oil torrisi italian specialties nycWarm, freshly made mozzarella in DaVero olive oil

sweet corn frittelle with lime torrisi italian specialties nycSweet corn fritelle, lime

grilled rice ball with bacala torrisi italian specialties nycGrilled rice ball, baccala

raw braciola torrisi italian specialities nyc Raw braciola

linguini and clams with tobasco torrisi italian specialities nycLinguini & clams, tobasco

island duck maraschino torrisi italian specialties nycIsland duck maraschino

atlantic fluke francese torrisi italian specialties nycAtlantic fluke francese

cookie platter torrisi italian specialties nycDessert of ricotta cannoli, peppermint truffles, tri-color, celery cookie, apricot cucidati

Got to spend some quality time with my cousin, Christine, this past week in NYC.  All week long, we just roamed around the city, basking in the glorious, late summer sun.  On Friday, we weaved our way through the bustling Feast of San Gennaro street festival in Little Italy to find our table at Torrisi Italian Specialties for a splendid seven-course tasting menu lunch.  This was the best meal of my trip.  I loved every selection off the current menu, especially the grilled rice ball, linguini and fluke.  Next time, I hope I can go back for the twenty-course chef’s tasting menu dinner.  Now, that would be amazing!

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One Response to tasting menu | torrisi italian specialties, nyc

  1. t-boz says:

    looks amazing! i totally have to do this.

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