burger night | rustic canyon, santa monica

lobster brioche rustic canyon santa monicaLobster on brioche toast

rustic canyon burger santa monicaRustic Canyon burger

I am so thrilled to have my old college roommate, Amina, living here in Los Angeles!  She just made the move from Vancouver, and so far, SoCal is treating her well.  It’s been years since we bunked as undergrad freshman, setting off dorm room smoke alarms by stuffing our janky, little toaster with whatever we had lying around to make awesome late night snacks.  Whenever the food mood struck us (which was quite often), we had no problem ditching lectures to hit up our favorite eateries in and around Berkeley.  Ah, memories!

On Monday, we caught up over a Burger Night dinner at Rustic Canyon.  A bottle of rosé, a lobster on brioche appetizer and then b-b-burgers!  RC’s still got it.  I forgot how good the burger was.  Juicy and savory.  Hooray to old favorites that are still just as good as you remembered them!

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