paella night | chez amina

2012-12-06 21.19.02Paella & salad

2012-12-06 21.20.58Goat cheese-stuffed zucchini blossoms

2012-12-06 22.01.42Gianduja (hazelnut chocolate) budino

Week night dinner sesh with my old college roomies.  A couple weeks ago, Amina invited Dani and me over for paella night.  Amina’s an ah-maaaazing cook.  Those fried zucchini blossoms of hers were to die for!!  For dessert, I made gianduja budino, a rich, creamy hazelnut chocolate pudding, topped with condensed milk and a crispy-crunch-milk-chocolate-nougat candy bar I picked up at a Brazilian market on Venice Blvd.  We ate, drank wine and cracked each other up all night long.  So good to catch up with my girls.

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