tonkotsu ramen | ikemen, hollywood

ikemen tonkotsu ramen

I feel like I spent most of January sick, bedridden with the flu, then mopey and miserable with a lingering head cold (which I’m finally starting to come out of).  Last week, all I wanted was a hot bowl of ramen, followed by DVDs in bed.  Finding the ramen was easy.  I took a seat at the counter at Ikemen in Hollywood and ordered a bowl of premium tonkotsu ramen with onsen tomago (poached egg).  Nice unctuous au jus, but wimpy shavings of chashu pork topping.  Finding a DVD rental place, on the other hand, was not so easy (even in Hollywood, really?).  Eventually, I found my way to Video Journeys, an amazing gem of a video rental store with a super friendly staff and a nice stock of hard-to-find-on-DVD flicks, including Black Cat, White Cat (score!!).  Already amassed some late fees, but that’s ok.  It was well worth it.

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